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Donate to Parker's Favorite Charities

Parker was saved from a kill shelter in New York by a Yorkie rescue organization, and provided the chance to have a great, fun life as a little Wauer boy. So obviously he's always had a passion for rescues and their wonderful work in giving every doggy a chance at a fulfilling life and a loving family.


If you'd like to leave a donation in Parker's honor to his favorite charity organizations, please visit the Save a Yorkie rescue or United Yorkie Rescue donation pages. Or get in touch with No More Sad Eyes rescue to save dogs from Korean dog meat markets.

Trinh has volunteered with all of these organizations, and each does great work for Yorkies and other dogs in need.

No More Sad Eyes

No More Sad Eyes Facebook Page

Save a Yorkie

Save a Yorkie​ Website

United Yorkie Rescue​

United Yorkie Rescue Website

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